13th symposium on Discovery, Fusion, Creation of New Knowledge by Multidisciplinary Computational Sciences

CCS International Symposium 2021

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Today, computational science is an indispensable research methodology in the basic and applied sciences and contributes significantly to the progress of a wide variety of scientific research fields. For multidisciplinary computational science based on the fusion of computational and computer sciences, frequent/regular opportunities of communication and collaboration are essential. Center for Computational Sciences (CCS) at the University of Tsukuba aims at improving such collaborations between different research fields. In this symposium, plenary speakers in various fields of computational sciences will give us talks on research frontiers, comprehensible to researchers and graduate students in other fields. In 2010, the CCS was recognized under the Advanced Interdisciplinary Computational Science Collaboration Initiative (AISCI) by MEXT, and has since provided the use of its computational facilities to researchers nationwide as part of the Multidisciplinary Cooperative Research Program (MCRP). The symposium will be held online in a similar form to last year’s.






Date and Venue

Date:Oct. 8, 2021 [Fri] 

Zoom (Plenary session) 

Program  (tentative) *All times below are in JST (GMT+9)

 Chair: NAKATSUKASA Takashi
Opening Address
WADA Hiroshi (University of Tsukuba, Vice President)
BOKU Taisuke (University of Tsukuba, Director of CCS)
 9:10-9:45 DURRAN Dale (University of Washington)
9:45-10:20 Development and application of real-time time-dependent density functional theory (RT-TDDFT) code, INQ, optimized for hybrid CPU-GPU HPC systems [Abstract] (30+5 min) 
OGITSU Tadashi (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) 
  Break (10min)
 Chair: INAGAKI Yuji
10:30-11:05 In silico drug discovery using molecular modeling and simulation (30+5 min) 
HIROKAWA Takatsugu (University of Tsukuba)
11:05-11:40 Robust fault detection and clustering in semiconductor
manufacturing processes [Abstract] (30+5 min) 
LOH Woong-Kee (Gachon University)
11:40-12:15 General relativistic radiation magnetohydrodynamics simulations of black hole accretion flows based on solving the radiative transfer equation [Abstract](30+5 min) 
ASAHINA Yuta (University of Tsukuba) 
 Chair: AMAGASA Toshiyuki
13:15-13:50 Bioinformatics in the 21st century: populations, viruses and proteins for a better future [Abstract] (30+5 min) 
KOPELMAN Naama (Holon Institute of Technology)
13:50-14:25 Self-consistent nuclear structure calculations with Gaussian basis-functions (30+5 min) 
NAKADA Hitoshi (Chiba University) 
  Break (10min)
 Chair: TAKAHASHI Daisuke
14:35-14:55 Cygnus-BD supercomputer for data-driven and AI-driven Science (15+5 min)
TATEBE Osamu (University of Tsukuba)
14:55-15:30 The muon anomalous magnetic moment: how supercomputers can help us find new physics (30+5 min) 
LEHNER Christoph (University of Regensburg)
15:30-16:05 FPGAs in an HPC: Algorithm-Hardware Co-design of a Discontinuous Galerkin Shallow-Water Model for a Dataflow Architecture (30+5 min)
KENTER Tobias (Paderborn University)
  Break (10min)
Progress reports of the MCRP-2020
16:15-18:00 Parallel sessions (5+2 min each)

  Session1 (Particle physics) Convenor: OHNO Hiroshi
    ・ ProgramPDF)  ・ Zoom:

  Session2 (Astrophysics) Convenor: WAGNER Alexander
    ・ ProgramPDF) ・ Zoom:

  Session3 (Nuclear physics) Convenor: HINOHARA Nobuo
    ・ ProgramPDF) ・ Zoom:

  Session4 (Material science) Convenor: OTANI Minoru
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  Session5 (Life science, Chemistry, Biology) Convenor: HARADA Ryuhei
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  Session6 (Numerical analysis, Computational informatics) Convenor: KAMEDA Yoshinari
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  Session7 (Global environment, HPC systems) Convenor: KUSAKA Hiroyuki
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Participants should finish the registration by September 30, 2021. Presenters of the progress report of the MCRP-2020 projects must do it by September 15, 2021. The Zoom link (passcode) will be sent to registrants, just before the symposium. The registration is free but mandatory.  

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Organizing Committee

AMAGASA Toshiyuki
KAMEDA Yoshinari
KUSAKA Hiroyuki
OTANI Minoru
OHNO Hiroshi
WAGNER Alexander

Contact: ccssympo21[at]