Division of Astrophysics

氏名 梅村 雅之
Name Umemura Masayuki
Position Director of CCS/Professor
Theme Theoretical Astrophysics. In particular, the study with radiation hydrodynamics on the formation of first generation objects and galaxies

氏名 大須賀 健
Name Ohsuga Ken
Position Professor
Theme Theoretical Astrophysics. Black-hole accretion disks and jets, formation of supermassive black holes

氏名 森 正夫
Name Mori Masao
Position Associate Professor
Theme Theoretical astrophysics, galaxy formation, black-hole accretion flow, astrophysical numerical simulation

氏名 矢島 秀伸
Name Yajima Hidenobu
Position Associate Professor
Theme Medical physics, Astrophysics, Light propagation in biological tissue, Galaxy formation, Cosmic reionization, Massive black holes

氏名 吉川 耕司
Name Yoshikawa Kohji
Position Lecturer
Theme Astrophysics. Theoretical studies on observational cosmology, the formation of galaxies and galaxy clusters, and intergalactic medium

Name Alexander Wagner
Position Assistant Professor
Theme Hydrodynamic simulations of AGN feedback in galaxy formation, radio galaxies, and astrophysical jets

furuya1 氏名 古家 健次
Name Furuya Kenji
Position Assistant Professor
Theme Astrochemistry

tanaka 氏名 田中 賢
Name Tanaka Satoshi
Position Researcher
Theme Astrophysics, Cosmology, Galaxy Formation, High Performance Computing

takamizu 氏名 高水 裕一
Name Takamizu Yuichi
Position Researcher
Theme Cosmology, Early Universe

氏名 中里 直人
Name Nakasato Naohito
Faculty School of Computer Science and Engineering, Univ. of Aizu
Position Assistant Professor/Visiting Associate Professor
Theme Astrophysical Simulations and High Performance Computing