1992 April CP-PACS Project begins (5-year project). Center for Computational Physics (CCP) founded (10-year term)
1993 August Computer building completed
1995 March First research building is completed
1995 April Designated as COE
1996 September CP-PACS (2048PU) is completed and installed
1997 April Research for the Future Program “Development of Next-Generation Massively Parallel Computers” begins (5-year term)
2002 April Second 10 year term of Center for Computational Physics begins
2004 April Center for Computational Physics is reorganized and expanded and relaunched as the Center for Computational Sciences (CCS)
2005 April Development of Massively Parallel Cluster PACS-CS in the project begins (3 year term)
2007 March Second research building is completed
April Cosmo-Simulator FIRST is completed and installed
2008 June The operation of T2K-Tsukuba begins
2010 April Approved under the Advanced Interdisciplinary Computational Science Collaboration Initiative (AISCI)
CCS is reorganized from 5 division to 7 division
2012 February HA-PACS starts operation
2013 March Joint Center for Advanced HPC (JCAHPC) is established in alliance with the University of Tokyo
2014 April COMA (PACS-IX) is installed and starts operations
2015 April CCS is reorganized from seven to eight divisions
2016 December Oakforest-PACS is installed and starts operations in JCAHPC
2017 March CCS building is extended to hold all faculty members in the center
2019 April Cygnus is installed and starts operations