HA-PACS Project

HA-PACS (Highly Accelerated Parallel Advanced system for Computational Sciences) is the latest generation of PACS/PAX series supercomputer in CCS, University of Tsukuba. HA-PACS is the demonstration system for parallel computing with Tightly Coupled Accelerators.

Toward realize performance of Exa-Flops,
– establish elements of the both hardware and software
– make innovation in the important applications of computational sciences
for research and development of an efficient parallel system to coupling a number of accelerators.

HA-PACS Project is funded by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).
The system will start operation on February 2012.

Project Objective

Organization of HA-PACS Project

Exascale Computational Sciences

Exascale Computing System Development

HA-PACS Base Cluster

Progress and Achievements

History of PACS/PAX Series

Articles about HA-PACS (in English)

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Appro University of Tsukuba: HA-PACS Powerful 802 TeraFlop System to Support Breakthroughs in Parallel Applications for Exascale Computing [pdf]

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