Message from the Director

“Computational Science” is the third kind of approach of scientific discovery beside traditional “Theory” and “Observation”, driven by computational simulation on physical phenomena. To achieve it, we need large scale supercomputing facilities to handle ultra high-speed computation and large amount of data handling. The Center for Computational Sciences (CCS) is established to proceed this research methodology by the collaboration between application scientists and computer scientists. In 1992, the Center was organized as the former name of the Center for Computational Physics, then after 12 years of activity, it was reorganized as current form.

The CCS has been developing our original high performance supercomputers, not just procuring commercial systems but designing and installing the system based on the concept of “codesigning” where the application scientists and computer scientists collaborate to realize an ideal system to combine their needs and seeds. Based on codesigning, the application programs are developed and tuned to exploit the maximum performance of the supercomputer system. As a result of our activity, our originally designed supercomputer, CP-PACS was ranked as top of the world in TOP500 List released on November 1996. Moreover, the researchers of CCS coauthored the ACM Gordon Bell Prize on 2011 and 2012, which is the most honorable award for high performance computing and application run in the world. We have been continuing our supercomputer development over ten generations of PAX/PACS series systems based on codesigning.

Our research objective is to develop the systems and applications by codesigning toward the highest level of computational science research in the world. Moreover, it is also our important mission to promote and support such a computational science activity for various fields of scientists. As a part of this activity, we are providing a half of our supercomputer resources to nationwide computational scientists with free of charge, under the name of “Multidisciplinary Cooperative Research Program (MCRP)”, to share our advanced systems for scientific researches. We also proceed the international collaboration with a number of top-level institutes over the world under MOU for high quality of computational science research. We are also joining to the development of system and application of “Fugaku” Post-K Supercomputer Project (FLAGSHIP2020) under the governmental program, and the CCS is a core institute of the program “Research on analysis of fundamental of universe and development” as a part of FLAGSHIP2020 application development.

We will proceed all our research and promotion activities based on our successful history toward the top-level computational and computer science researches in the world.

September 2019
BOKU Taisuke
Director of Center for Computational Sciences