Q1: I belong to an organization in Japan, and want to use supercomputers from overseas. Do I need to submit a “Supercomputer Utilization Application Form for users in overseas organizations”?

A: If you have a position in a Japanese organization, you are not required to do so.

Q2: I am not a Japanese nationality holder but employed by a Japanese organization. My stay in Japan is within six months now. Do I need to submit a “Supercomputer Utilization Application Form for users in overseas organizations”?

A: If you are employed by the organization in Japan, even if your stay is within six months, you are not required to do so.

Q&A for MCRP users

Q3: What should I do when my affiliation and e-mail address change?

A: You must e-mail your new affiliation and e-mail address to the project support desk “project-register[at]ccs.tsukuba.ac.jp”. (*please replace [at] with @)

Q4: Can I add new members to the project?
A: You can do this through the following two-step procedure.
(1) Task for project leader
Enter the following information into this form (external link).

  • Project leader’s email address
  • Project ID number (ID number received in the email when submitting the proposal)
  • Project name (English)
  • Project code
  • Supercomputer name (Cygnus/Pegasus/Wisteria-O)
  • Number of project members you want to add
  • Names of project members you want to add (separated by commas)
  • Reason why you need to add them after the project started

(2) Task for added project members
After completing the task by the project leader (1), contact the members, have them to click “Member registration” on the website below to enter the necessary information. Tell them to do this following the Guide. If he/she is already a member of another project, there will be a link at the bottom of the confirmation email he/she received when you registered as a member, so he/she can change the details from there.
URL: https://project.ccs.tsukuba.ac.jp/e/MCRP2024

Note: The requests are accepted at any time until January, but they are approved at the end of every month. Those submitted in April will be approved at the end of May.

Q5: Can I change the disk capacity and the maximum number of nodes?

A: In principle, the project should be performed within approved resources. However, if there is a special reason which is approved by the committee, it is possible to do so. In order to request the committee’s review, the project leader should send an email to project-adm[AT]ccs.tsukuba.ac.jp including the following contents:

  • Reasons to change the disk capacity/maximum # of nodes:
    *The resources of the project have been reviewed by the Cooperative Research Committee during the selection process. Therefore, a clear statement of reasons must be described.
  • Name of supercomputer system:
  • Proposal ID (the number written in the e-mail receipt of the proposal submission):
  • Project name and code:
  • Change of resources (disk capacity / maximum # of nodes / others [ ])
    – Approved resources:
    – Requested change into:

*We do not accept the application until the end of April after the approval of the project.

Other questions should be sent to a project support desk “project-register[at]ccs.tsukuba.ac.jp”. (*Replace [at] with @)