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Computational Biomolecular Medical Science (Department of Computational Medical Science)

Big Sleep Data Analytics and Automatic Sleep Diagnosis (Department of Computational Medical Science)


Comprehensive in silicon drug repositioning for COVID-19 related proteins

Research Activities

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Particle PhysicsParticle Physics 6m08s [wmv 23.6MB]

AstrophysicsAstrophysics 7m12s [wmv 39.7MB]

Quantum Condensed Matter PhysicsQuantum Condensed Matter Physics 3m13s [wmv 18.8MB]

Theoretical Nuclear PhysicsTheoretical Nuclear Physics 5m13s [wmv 25.8MB]

Global Environmental ScienceGlobal Environmental Sciences 6m18s [wmv 41.3MB]

Biological SciencesBiological Sciences 5m18s [wmv 38.4MB]

Biological Function and Information Group 6m38s [wmv 92.4MB]

Division of High-Performance Computing Systems 10m30s [wmv 132MB]

Database Group 4m24s [wmv 87.1MB]

Computational Media Group 3m10s [wmv 69.8MB]

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