Bureau of Public Relations and Strategy

Promoting the development of CCS and computational sciences themselves

Head: KITAHARA Itaru

Bureau of Public Relations and Strategy was established in 2016, to advance the mission of the Center for Computational Sciences (CCS) and to promote computational sciences, in addition, to promote and support strategic projects of the CCS. We perform PR activities aimed at improving relation with society and work in collaboration to Promotion Office for Computational Sciences and Liaison Office for Multidisciplinary Computational Sciences.

Press release

Results of research and activities in the CCS are announced to the media and the public through press release and a press conference.

Press release for operation of Cygnus

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CCS publishes various information via our website. You can find a lot of contents; movies, brochures, interviews and so on.

▶︎ Interview to Researchers (Japanese) (Research Topics)

▶︎ Interview to Students (Japanese) (Study at CCS)

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CCS Tour /Open day

At the CCS tour for high school students, Open day in spring, and Open Campus in summer, we show our research activities and the supercomputer of the center. About 2000 people a year visit the CCS. (Now All events have been called off because of COVID-19)

▶︎ List of CCS tour (Japanese)

Projects, Symposiums, and Conferencing Support

Public relations activities on the Mr. Tsukuba project

Support to Joint Center for Advanced HPC (JCAHPC)

Support to make communication tools for public about research outputs

Booth design and management support at SC

We support to project of meteorological observation at the top of Mt. Tsukuba in collaboration with Tsukubasan shrine

▶︎ Mt. Tsukuba Project (Japanese)

[InPACS] Interacting Plot of Atomic nuclei and Computed Shapes. You can find an interactive nuclear chart and check their computed shapes

▶︎ InPACS(External Link)

Interactive Nuclear Chart

▶︎ JCAHPC(External Link)


Movie for SC17

Members of Bureau of PR & Strategy

Head: KITAHARA Itaru, Professor

SEKIYA Kaoru, Senior Researcher

(Update: Aplir 3, 2023)