Progress and Achievements

Progress of the Project

Construction of the project promotion system

– Established Project Office for Exascale Computational Sciences and Project Office for Exascale Computing System Development. Related researchers outside of CCS are also participated.

– International Cooperation with University of Edinburgh and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory are planned.

Theme 1
Innovation toward Exa-Scale Computing Sciences

ー Mainly considered in the Project Office for Exascale Computational Science.

ー Investigate and develop the applications not about key 3 issues(Particles, Astrophysics, Life Sciences).

Theme 2
Research and Development of Tightly Coupled Accelerators and Demonstration System

– Base Cluster will start operation from January 2012.

– Tightly Coupled Accelerators will be introduced after 2012.

– PEACH2 chip is implemented on FPGA(Field Programmable Gate Array).

Theme 3
Research and Development of the Basic Software to Support Programming

– In collaboration with External funding projects, e-Science Project(Parallel programing language XcableMP), and Japan-France Strategic Program(Post Peta-Scale Computing Technology), design, research and development are promoted.