Division of Global Environmental Science

氏名 田中 博
Name Tanaka L. Hiroshi
Position Professor
Theme General circulation, dynamics and energetics of the atmosphere

氏名 日下 博幸
Name Kusaka Hiroyuki
Position Professor
Theme Urban climate, Applied Meteorology, Numerical simulationof mesoscale weather using the WRF model

matsueda 氏名 松枝 未遠
Name Matsueda Mio
Position Assistant Professor
Theme Predictability of weather and climate, ensemble forecast, climate change prediction

氏名 池田 亮作
Name Ikeda Ryosaku
Position Researcher
Theme urban meteorology, Development of a Large Eddy Simulation Model for Urban Areas

Name Doan Quang Van
Position Researcher
Theme Wind power prediction using WRF model

氏名 山上 晃央
Name Yamagami Akio
Position Researcher
Theme Predictability of weather and climate in the Arctic, ensemble forecast

氏名 植田 宏昭
Name Ueda Hiroaki
Faculty Faculty of Life and Enviromental Sciences
Position Professor (Collaborative Fellow)

氏名 鬼頭 昭雄
Name Kitoh Akio
Faculty Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences
Position Senior Researcher (Collaborative Fellow)
Theme Climate change