MCRP: Procedure after adoption

Procedures prior to usage of Supercomputer systems

User account registration in the CCS Supercomputer systems

The details of how to register your user account for supercomputer systems will be notified to the representatives of approved MCRP projects.
You will need to submit the following application form.

Apply for UTID-13

Faculty members, researchers, and students in University of Tsukuba, who are given ID numbers of 13 digits (UTID-13), can use them and skip this application.

Those who are not members of University of Tsukuba should submit the UTID-13 request form, in order to make the user account on supercomputers. 

UTID-13 request form【English PDF

Applicants must complete the application form, sign it themselves, and give it to the project leader.
The project leader is responsible for verifying the identity of the user in person. After that, the person responsible for the application must sign his/her own signature in the signature line, and then send the application forms for all users who require a Unified Authentication ID together as a PDF file attached to an e-mail.
Please also submit a copy of your staff ID (or certificate of employment) from your institution.

Submit to: project-register[at]

Note: For Wisteria-O, this application is not needed.

Application for security export control

Foreigners or non-residents are required to submit this application for security export control and the certificate of employment of your institution to use supercomputers. 

Please note that this application is valid until the end of the fiscal year. If the information is to be used continuously from the next fiscal year onwards, it must be submitted every fiscal year.
The document below is the procedure required to use the University of Tsukuba system.
If you are using the University Tokyo system, you will be contacted by the University of Tokyo. Please follow their instructions.

This application form is used to obtain export control permission from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) of Japan:Word】【PDF

The applicant must complete and sign the application form and give it to the project leader.
The project leader should submit the application forms of all users who need to submit an application as a PDF file attached to an email. 

Submit to: project-register[at]

User Reports

Projects of MCRP FY2023

To project leaders,

Download the annual report forms from the following links.
*These forms are also available on the online submission page.

Annual Report (Word)
Results Lists (Excel)    

You need to submit 2 files; a PDF and an Excel file.

Results Lists

*The CCS is recognized under the Advanced Interdisciplinary Computational Science Collaboration Initiative (AISCI) by MEXT. These data will be used for an activity report of AISCI.
Deadline: May 10, 2024
Submission: Please see the manual for submission;

▷Annual Report

Convert it to PDF before submission.
The report will be published on the website.
Deadline: May 10, 2024
Submission: Please see the manual for submission;


Lists of past project