MCRP: Procedure after adoption

Procedures prior to usage of supercomputer systems

Apply for UTID-13

Faculty members, researchers, and students in University of Tsukuba, who are given ID numbers of 13 digits (UTID-13), can use them and skip this application.

Those who are not members of University of Tsukuba should submit the UTID-13 request form, in order to make the user account on supercomputers.

UTID-13 request form【English PDF

Users (including Japanese nationality holder) who belong to overseas organizations

Users who belong to overseas organizations must submit the following “Supercomputer Utilization Application Form”, with copies of ID cards issued by their organizations.

Supercomputer Utilization Application Form for users in overseas organizations【Word】【PDF

User Reports

Projects of MCRP FY2019

Deadline: April 2020 
Details will be given to project leaders in March 2020.


Lists of the past project report (in Japanese)