CCS – LBNL Collaborative Workshop 2023

Date: April 12th (Wed) – 13th (Thu), 2023
Venue: International Workshop Room, Center for Computational Sciences, University of Tsukuba


start end Speaker
10:00 10:20 Taiske Boku
(Y. Inagaki)
Research activity update of CCS
10:20 10:45 Jonathan Carter
(T. Boku)
Current and Future Directions of Computing Sciences at Berkeley Lab
10:45 11:00   Coffee break
11:00 11:25 Doan Quang Van
(J. Carter)
Identifying the “new normal” in regional climate under global warming: the utilization of a state-of-the-art high-resolution atmospheric model.
11:25 11:50 Michael Wehner
(D. Quang Van)
End to end to attribution: From hot air to environmental justice
11:50 12:10   Short discussion over coffee
12:10 12:20   Group photo
12:20 13:30   Lunch break
13:30 15:00   Breakout sessions
Room#1 (Workshop Room): Particle Physics, Astrophysics, Nuclear Physics, Quantum Condensed Matter Physics
Room#2 (Meeting Room A): Life Science, Global Environmental Science
Room#3 (Meeting Room B): HPC, Informatics
15:00 15:30   Summary of breakout sessions
15:30 15:45   Coffee break
15:45 16:10 Sarah Poon
(M. Wehner)
Designing for Expert Use
16:10 16:35 Masao Mori
(S. Poon)
Galaxy Collisions and Evolution of Galaxies
16:35 16:50 Zarija Lukic
(M. Mori)
Simulations and modeling at LBL’s Computational Cosmology Center


9:00 9:25 Takashi Nakatsukasa
(Y. Inagaki)
Nuclear deformation and stability.
9:25 9:50 Akira Nukada
(T. Nakatsukasa)
Easy software porting to GPU systems: experience with OpenSWPC
9:50 10:15 Khaled Ibrahim
(A, Nukada)
Performance Analysis and Tuning for Scientific Deep-Learning Workloads
10:15 10:35   Short discussion over coffee
10:35 11:00 Hiroshi Ohno
(K. Ibrahim)
Lattice QCD studies on strong-interaction matter under extreme conditions of temperature and/or density
11:00 11:25 Kowit Hengphasatpor
(H. Ohno)
Exploring Antiviral Drug Discovery through Computational Calculations and Fragment Molecular Orbital (FMO) Method
11:25 11:50 Kazuhiro Yabana
(K. Hengphasatpor)
Development and applications of SALMON
– First-principles computations in optical science –
11:50 12:10   Short discussion over coffee
12:10 14:00   Lunch break
14:00 14:25 Toshiyuki Amagasa
(K. Yabana)
Entity-based data integration using knowledge bases
14:25 14:50 John Wu
(T. Amagasa)
Fuzzy Dataset Matching for Data Integration
14:50 14:55 Jonathan Carter