SPPEXA Workshop Japan 2017

Sponsored by JST-CREST
Sponsored by SPPEXA
in Cooperation by CCS, University of Tsukuba

Date & Venue

Date: April 6th (Thu), 2017
Venue: Akihabara Convention Hall 5C (Akihabara DAI Building 5F) Access

SPPEXA (Priority Programme “Software for Exascale Computing”) is a premier program in Germany addressing research on various aspects of HPC software, which is particularly urgent against the background that we are currently entering the era of ubiquitous massive parallelism. In SPPEXA, each project is led by German PI as well as Japanese PI and optional French PI in the formation of multi-country international collaboration with two or three countries. In Japan, especially, each SPPEXA project is connected to JST-CREST project under research region of “Development of System Software Technologies for post-Peta Scale High Performance Computing”.

In this workshop, PIs and researchers of three of SPPEXA projects, MYX, ESSEX and DASH gather to promote the project overview and current progress of research under international collaboration. All these projects cover from the fundamental system software to large scale application and numerical computation. The speakers are selected from SPPEXA researchers including Germany, Japanese and French partners.

We invite all researchers related to HPC and Exascale Computing on various software layers to this opportunity to share the knowledge and experience toward Exascale software development.

Taisuke Boku
Organizing Chair of Workshop


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  Speaker Title
10:00-10:05 Taisuke Boku
(University of Tsukuba)
Welcome Note
10:05-10:20 Nahid Emad
(University of Versailles)
Overview of SPPEXA
10:20-10:50 Matthias Mueller
(RWTH Aachen University)
Overview of MYX
10:50-11:20 Tetsuya Sakurai
(University of Tsukuba)
Overview of ESSEX-II
11:20-11:50 Karl Fuerlinger
(LMU Munich)
Overview of Smart-DASH
11:50-13:00   Lunch Break
13:00-13:30 Joachim Protze
(RWTH Aachen University)
Analysis of possible correctness issues in XcalableMP programms
13:30-14:00 Hitoshi Murai
XcalableACC PGAS Language for Accelerated Clusters and XMPT Tool Interface
14:00-14:30 Serge Petiton
(Maison de la Simulation, CNRS)
Towards an Intelligent linear algebra for extreme computing
14:30-15:00 Christian Terboven
(RWTH Aachen University)
Programming Models and Tools: Programmers’ Expectations
15:00-15:30   Coffee Break
15:30-16:00 Faisal Shahzad
(RRZE, Erlangen)
CRAFT: A library for application-level Checkpoint/Restart & Automatic Fault Tolerance
16:00-16:30 Masatoshi Kawai
(University of Tokyo)
Hierarchical Parallelization of Coloring Procedures for ILU Preconditioner
16:30-17:00 Felix Moessbauer
(LMU Munich)
A Parallel I/O Abstraction for Partitioned Global Address Space Programming
17:00-17:30 Joseph Schuchard
(HLRS, Stuttgart)
Global Task Dependencies in PGAS Applications
17:30-17:55 Open Discussion
17:55-18:00 Mitsuhisa Sato
Closing Remarks


(Reception Fee: 4,000JPY)