12th symposium on Discovery, Fusion, Creation of New Knowledge by Multidisciplinary Computational Sciences

CCS International Symposium 2020

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Today, computational science is an indispensable research methodology in the basic and applied sciences and contributes significantly to the progress of a wide variety of scientific research fields. For multidisciplinary computational science based on the fusion of computational and computer sciences, frequent/regular opportunities of communication and collaboration are essential. Center for Computational Sciences (CCS) at the University of Tsukuba aims at improving such collaborations between different research fields. In this symposium, plenary speakers in various fields of computational sciences will give us talks on research frontiers, comprehensible to researchers and graduate students in other fields. In 2010, the CCS was recognized under the Advanced Interdisciplinary Computational Science Collaboration Initiative (AISCI) by MEXT, and has since provided the use of its computational facilities to researchers nationwide as part of the Multidisciplinary Cooperative Research Program (MCRP). Since the last year, this symposium has been open to worldwide. This year, the symposium will be held online.









Date and Venue

Date:Oct. 6, 2020 [Tue] 

For the plenary session (9:20-16:10), participate in this Zoom meeting:

Zoom (Plenary session)  

For parallel sessions (16:20-18:00), click on “Zoom” in each session on the program below.

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Oct. 6 (Tue) 9:20 – 18:00 (JST)
 Chair: Kazuhiro Yabana
 9:20-9:30 Opening Address
Hideo Kigoshi (University of Tsukuba, Vice President)
Taisuke Boku (University of Tsukuba, Director of CCS)
9:30-10:05 GeoGate: Correlating Geo-Temporal Datasets Using an Augmented Reality Space-Time Cube and Tangible Interactions (30+5 min)
Bruce H. Thomas (University of South Australia)
10:05-10:40 Deep Eukaryote Relationships Inferred Through Phylogenomics Aided by PhyloFisher (30+5 min)
Matthew W. Brown (Mississippi State University)
  Break (10min)
 Chair: Kazumasa Horie
10:50-11:25 AI-powered Geospatial Data Platform (30+5 min)
Kyoung-Sook Kim (AIST Artificial Intelligence Research Center)
11:25-12:00 Computing Atomic Nuclei (30+5 min)
Nicolas Schunck (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
12:00-12:35 The Supercomputer “Fugaku” and A64FX Manycore Processor (30+5 min)
Mitsuhisa Sato (RIKEN Center for Computational Science)
 Chair: Yoshinari Kameda
13:40-14:15 Performance Evaluation of Electron Dynamics Simulation in Supercomputer Fugaku (30+5 min)
Kazuhiro Yabana (University of Tsukuba) 
14:15-14:50 Supercomputing the phase diagram of strongly interacting matter (30+5 min)
Frithjof Karsch (Bielefeld University)
  Break (10min)
 Chair: Hiroyuki Kusaka
15:00-15:35 Solving Kinematics of Cosmological Neutrinos in the 6D Phase Space on FUGAKU (30+5 min)
Kohji Yoshikawa (University of Tsukuba)
15:35-16:10 Lagrangian Methods in Mountain Meteorology: Challenges and Opportunities (30+5 min)
Michael Sprenger (ETH Zurich) 
  Break (10min)
Progress reports of the MCRP-2019 
16:20-18:00 Parallel sessions

  Session1 (Particle physics) Convenor: Hiroshi Ohno 
    ・ Program (PDF)  ・ Zoom

  Session2 (Astrophysics) Convenor: Kohji Yoshikawa
    ・ Program (PDF) ・ Zoom

  Session3 (Nuclear physics) Convenor: Nobuo Hinohara
    ・ Program  (PDF) ・ Zoom

  Session4 (Material science) Convenor: Atsushi Yamada
    ・ Program  (PDF) ・ Zoom

  Session5 (Life science, Chemistry) Convenor: Mitsuo Shoji
    ・ Program  (PDF) ・ Zoom

  Session6 (Biology, Global environment, Numerical analysis, Computational informatics) Convenor: Yuji Inagaki
    ・ Program  (PDF) ・ Zoom

  Session7 (HPC systems) Convenor: Daisuke Takahashi
    ・ Program  (PDF) ・ Zoom



Participants should finish the registration by September 30, 2020. Presenters of the progress report of the MCRP-2019 projects must do it by September 13, 2020. The registration is free.  

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Organizing Committee

Nobuo Hinohara
Kazumasa Horie
Yuji Inagaki
Yoshinari Kameda
Hiroyuki Kusaka
Takashi Nakatsukasa
Hiroshi Ohno
Mitsuo Shoji
Daisuke Takahashi
Atsushi Yamada
Akio Yamagami
Kohji Yoshikawa

Contact: ccssympo[at]