Recruitment of Associate/Assistant Professor (Division of Computational Informatics)

1. Appointment and number of position:
One Associate Professor or one Tenure Track Assistant Professor position
Center for Computational Sciences
(Division of Computational Informatics)
University of Tsukuba

2. Field of expertise:
Big data analytics and applications (Machine learning, Deep learning, Data science, Data analytics, Data mining, Signal processing, etc.)

3. Work description:
Applicants are expected to conduct innovative research on big data analytics and its applications at Center for Computational Sciences (CCS) (with joint appointment at Center for Artificial Intelligence Research). Especially, CCS is proceeding Computational Medical Science Promotion project, and, as a part of this, working on big sleep data analytics and automatic sleep diagnosis using machine learning technology in collaboration with International Institute for Integrative Sleep Medicine. Applicants are expected to contribute to this project, too.

The duties also include research and education in the graduate course of Computer Science Department, Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering, and education in the undergraduate course of College of Information Science, School of Informatics.

See below for information on the related organizations:

4. Employment Status:
Associate professor position is tenured.
Assistant professor position is on a tenure track (Annual salary system). The tenure track assistant professor may become a tenured assistant professor after passing a review for tenure which will be performed, in principle, in the 5th year of the tenure-track period.

5. Qualifications:
Doctoral Degree or Ph.D by the time of appointment. Applicants should demonstrate potential for excellence in research and teaching activities as stated in the work description.

6. Start of appointment:
As soon as possible after a hiring decision is made.

7. Compensation:
Salary, working hours, insurance, etc. are based on regulations of University of Tsukuba.

8. Required documentation:
(1) Memo showing application job title (Choose one from “Associate Professor”, “Assistant Professor”, or “Either Associate or Assistant Professor”.)
(2) Memo showing 3-5 keywords expressing areas of your research expertise
(3) Curriculum vitae (with photograph and email address)
(4) List of publications (Separate journal papers, refereed conference papers, books, non-refereed papers, patents, awards, successful grant acquisitions, and others. It is desirable that information about impact factors, citation numbers, acceptance ratio, etc. is given for the major papers.)
(5) Reprints of five major papers published in the recent five years (Can include one paper published more than five years ago.)
(6) Summary of research and education activities (about 800 words. Papers listed in (5) should be referenced.)
(7) Description of research plan and education plan (about 800 words)
(8) Names, affiliations, and contact addresses of two reference persons.
In addition to hard copies, submission of digital storage media (CD-R, DVD-R, USB memory, etc.) recording the above documents in PDF is encouraged. Applicants who pass the document screening are invited to interview and presentation.

9. Deadline for application:
Application must arrive no later than December 27, 2017.

10. Contact for further information:
Prof. Hiroyuki Kitagawa
Division of Computational Informatics
Center for Computational Sciences, University of Tsukuba
Tel: +81-29-853-5522, Email: kitagawa[at]

11. Submission:
Application documents should be sent by post to:
Prof. Masayuki Umemura
Director of Center for Computational Sciences
University of Tsukuba
1-1-1 Tennodai, Tsukuba 305-8577, Japan
Email: umemura[at]

Please use registered mail and write in red ink in the front of the envelope “Application for Professor in Computational Informatics”. Documents and digital storage media submitted will not be returned.

12. Other remark:
University of Tsukuba is promoting gender equality.