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Center for Computational Sciences, University of Tsukuba (CCS) is a multidisciplinary research center for advanced HPC and natural science researches.


A 400 trillion-grid Vlasov simulation on Fugaku supercomputer | CCS, Univ. Tsukuba

Comprehensive in silicon drug repositioning for COVID-19 related proteins

180° Camera Tour of Cygnus

Our New Supercomputer Cygnus 



Research Posters

  1. Mission & Chronology of CCS
  2. Supercomputer at CCS: Cygnus
  3. Particle Physics
  4. Astrophysics
  5. Nuclear Physics
  6. Quantum Condensed Matter Physics
  7. Biological Function and Information
  8. Molecular Evolution
  9. Global Environmental Science 
  10. High Performance Computing Systems 1
  11. High Performance Computing Systems 2
  12. Database
  13. Computational Media
  14. Supercomputer Oakforest-PACS
  15. Application on Oakforest-PACS
  16. Our next supercomputer Cygnus-BD







Report of the Review Committee & CCS Reports for Review



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