T2K-Tsukuba general Use

Shutdown of T2K was done on February 2014.

T2K-Tsukuba Operation Resumed

On April 4 9:00, T2K-Tsukuba operation resumed.
Operational notes are complex.
For more information please contact us.

Resume T2K-Tsukuba File access service

On March 22 13:00, T2K-Tsukuba File access service resumed.

T2K-Tsukuba System
Administration Staffs

Notice: Resume T2K-Tsukuba File Access Service

Dear users of T2K-Tsukuba System, Center for Computational Sciences,

Upon this North-East and Kanto Area Earthquake Disaster, the supercomputer resources at Center for Computational Sciences, University of Tsukuba, have received several levels of damage, and it is taking more time than we expected to recover. Additonally, current emergent situation of electricity shortage in Kanto Area inhibits the full system checking and recovery as well as the regular operation of T2K-Tsukuba. We apologize for all the users inconvenience.

For the first step of the system recovery process, we like to announce the restarting the file access service on T2K-Tsukuba file system such as /work area and /home area, as well as limited access to login nodes.

The schedule is as follows:
DATE (planned): March 22nd (Tue), 2011 13:00-

Access and Service:
(1) SSH login to two login nodes: t2k-0003.ccs.tsukuba.ac.jp and t2k-0004.ccs.tsukuba.ac.jp.
(2) Access to /work and /home on these login nodes.
(3) Remote file access by SCP to /work and /home through these login nodes.

Normally, we have been providing the SSH login service to T2K-Tsukuba as the access to generic host name “t2k.ccs.tsukuba.ac.jp”. However, in this limited access service period, please use the explicit name of these two login nodes.

In this limited access to these login nodes, no additional work such as compilation nor job submission is allowed. Currently, we cannot restart the job execution service yet. This is not just by the system damage issue but also by current situation of electricity power supplying limit in Kanto Area.

This limited access including SCP file transfer service is provided as a limited user service under this disaster, then PLEASE DO NOT PERFORM ANY OTHER JOB such as regular computation, pre/post processing of data, etc. on these login nodes, which causes additional load to them and file servers.

The T2K-Tsukuba System management staffs are trying to restart our service in step by step. We beg your kind understanding and cooperation. If you have any question, please ask to “t2k-qa [at] ccs.tsukuba.ac.jp” by e-mail.

T2K-Tsukuba System
Administration Staffs