International Symposium on Ab Initio Electron Dynamics Simulations (Nov. 14-16, 2018)

Date Nov. 14 (Wed.) – 16 (Fri.)
Place EPOCAL Tsukuba, Tsukuba-city, Japan
Registration fee Free(Banquet fee will be charged)
Registration deadline Oct. 31 (Wed.)
Hosted by JST-CREST project “Development and applications of first-principles software for unified photonics and electronic systems”, and Post-K social and scientific priority issue 7 (CDMSI), sub-project B: “Unified photonics-electronic devices”
Co-hosted by Center for Computational Sciences, University of Tsukuba
Organizers Kazuhiro Yabana (Chair), University of Tsukuba
Tomohito Otobe, Kansai Photon Science Institute
Sheng Meng, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Developments of ab-initio computational approaches for quantum dynamics of electrons in molecules, nano-structures, and solids will be discussed.
Presentations consist of invited talks and poster presentations.