134th Colloquium of Center for Computational Sciences

134th Colloquium

Title: Enhancing Human performance using Virtual Reality, Wearable Computing, Cognitive Neuroscience and Mental Training

Speaker: Prof. Bruce H. Thomas (the University of South Australia)

Date: February 17, 2020 (Mon)

Time: 10:00-11:30

Venue: Center for Computational Sciences, International Workshop Room

Language: English

The talk will provide an over of IVE: Australian Research Centre for Interactive and Virtual Environments.  Advanced and futuristic technologies, such as integrated augmented reality displays and drone
control systems. The cognitive impact of the user’s use of these  technologies is important for designers of these systems, yet little research has been conducted in this area. The experiment presented in this work we measured brain alpha power while participants completed a maze navigation task, aided by a virtual drone and augmented reality-like annotations in a virtual environment. Different conditions were designed to test whether varying drone control systems and visualizations could result in different measured alpha power. The results show that alpha power fluctuations are sensitive to manipulation of the virtual drone control system, making it a powerful and potentially real-time measure of a control system’s difficulty of use and cognitive impact on the user.

Coordinator :Yoshinari Kameda