2022 EPCC-CCS Workshop

This year’s EPCC-CCS workshop will be the first in-person in three years!

Date: December 14th (Wed) – 15th (Thu), 2022

Venue: EPCC, the University of Edinburgh


DAY 1 40 George Square Lecture Theatre A
start end CCS/EPCC Speaker Title
10:00 10:30 EPCC   EPCC Introduction/UK Exascale project
10:30 11:00 CCS Taisuke Boku CCS Research Activity Update
11:00 11:15 BREAK    
11:15 11:45   Osamu Tatebe Persistent Memory Supercomputer Pegasus for Data-driven and AI-driven Science
11:45 12:15   Adrian Jackson Filesystem performance on persistent memory hardware
12:15 13:45 LUNCH    
13:45 14:15   David Henty Parallel I/O performance on ARCHER2
14:15 14:45   Quang Van Doan New normal of local climate under global warming: an application of high-resolution climate modeling
14:45 15:15   Andrew Turner HPC-JEEP: HPC system energy and power monitoring for Net Zero infrastructure
15:15 15:30 BREAK    
15:30 16:00   Ryuhei Harada Developements of Efficient Molecular Simulation Methods for Elucidating Biological Function of Protein
16:00 16:30   Yuji Ingaki A factor that hinders the accurate phylogenetic inferences: The monophyly of Archaeplastida as a case study.
16:30 17:00   George Beckett Survey Astronomy in the Big Data Era with LSST


DAY 2 Bayes Centre Room G.03
start end CCS/EPCC    
9:30 10:00 CCS, on-line Alexander Wagner The extreme physics of galaxy evolution: CFD simulations of relativistic jets and radiation interacting with highly compressible astrophysical gases
10:00 10:30 CCS, on-line Kazuhiro Yabana Development and applications of SALMON: first-principles computations in optical science
10:30 10:45 BREAK    
10:45 11:15   Nick Brown FPGA AI engines for stencil based codes
11:15 11:45      
11:45 12:15      
12:15 13:30 LUNCH    
13:30 16:00 Visit to the ACF